Monestiés, France

Proudly proclaiming itself to be one of the ‘most beautiful villages in France’, Monestiés is located North of the equally historic city of Albi in the department of Le Tarn in South-West France. And it is extremely beautiful. Nestled in the countryside, the medieval buildings, bridges and church all are immaculate in this toy village. … More Monestiés, France

The Perfect Day: Part II

Following the parade pandemonium, it was time to head for Hyde Park for the ‘British Summertime’ concerts. We enjoyed the other performances, including ‘dancing’ (we can’t dance) to Ellie Goulding and her Love me Like you do, as well as wandering around the festival, navigating the food ques, succumbing to merchandise and getting our hair chalked. However this … More The Perfect Day: Part II

Flower Power

BREAKING NEWS: I have just bought my first iPhone. Admittedly, it is an iPhone 4 (which I have been informed by an apple ‘genius’ is about five generations out of date). My brother actually laughed in my face when he saw it. Nonetheless, it has been a joyous experience owning my first camera, taking selfies, … More Flower Power