10 New Year’s Resolutions

Here’s to 2016!
  1. Finish reading the Jane Austen canon. How have I got through life without reading all of them? Who Knows!
  2. Take more photos, but nice ones. All the pictures on my phone are of the sea or ugly picts of my friends. I want, no need, to improve my photography skills and combine the two.
  3. Listen to less depressing country music.
  4. Spend less time in my pyjamas.
  5. Find ‘a local’.
  6. Be less complacent about the future.
  7. Visit Ireland.
  8. Cook a proper Sunday roast. With lots of Yorkshire puddings. And actually pudding.
  9. Try to eat for one, not a pack of ravenous wolves after hibernation.
  10. Finally finish the quilt I have been working on for about two years.

Happy New Year!!


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