Sarah Walton Pottery

Today is the last day of the Artwave festival in the little Sussex town of Lewes. It is an amazing scheme in which hundreds of artists in the surrounding vicinity freely open up their doors to the public who get to access a ‘behind the scenes’ insight. One of those exhibiting was the potter, Sarah Walton, who creates pottery with the most wonderful glazes. I was eager to go along, not only because I want to my visit my ‘dream house’ (which is quaintly situated on Bo Peep lane) with exceptional views of the South Downs, but also because I wanted to check out some of her beautiful work.



Sarah specialises in Bird Baths – as pretty as they are functional – and we had a gentle stroll around her garden to check out her lovely work.




My mum is a massive fan; we have amassed a number of pieces over her works over the years, from mugs to vases to tea pots.

A rare sighting... my mother sitting down and taking a break!
A rare sighting… my mother sitting down and taking a break!








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