Cordes-sur-ciel, France

Listen up, my many admirers.

I have found the most romantic place on Earth.





To quote the greatest modern poet, Taylor Swift, I was enchanted to enter the fairy-tale world of Cordes-sur-ciel (that’s roughly – excuse my French – Cordes-on-the sky) and to enter a wonderland above the clouds.

Unfortunately, pain comes with pleasure, and you have to ascend the cobblestones (á la Jack and Beanstalk) before you can marvel at the panoramic vista and enjoy the quaint medieval town. In our case, we enjoyed ourselves with a drink and a crèpe. The romance was enhanced by couples dancing in front of a guy with a guitar belting out some excellent tunes  – perfect for testing my parents on their knowledge of popular culture (earlier this year my mum asked me who Taylor Swift was). Can you feel the love tonight?, Elton John style, was a definite highlight.




Top Tip: We went in the evening, making the time less grueling and ensured that the town was fairly quiet. Excellent for twirling.


20150810_200807                              20150810_200806

Although, being filled with quaint artisan shops, and galleries and exhibitions, I’m sure it would be a treat to also visit in the day.






A little history

The original settlement of the town was perched on the top of the hill, naturally as a defensive stronghold. Gradually the town became increasingly popular and the settlement expanded, each time it did so, a new and gate was built around the proximity of the town. Hence the five different gates to pass through as you ascend or depart the centre of town.



A little note

Sorry for the photography – my mum’s archaic iPhone has a blue tinge to its photos. It does not do justice to the town!

Sorry for my appearance – we (my family) had just come from swimming in the river, not (unfortunately) when I am at my most beautiful.

But anyways, here are some pictures to distract you:

Perfectly summing up my relationship with my brother.




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