The Perfect Day: Part II

Following the parade pandemonium, it was time to head for Hyde Park for the ‘British Summertime’ concerts.

We enjoyed the other performances, including ‘dancing’ (we can’t dance) to Ellie Goulding and her Love me Like you do, as well as wandering around the festival, navigating the food ques, succumbing to merchandise and getting our hair chalked.


However this was all delightful anticipation for the main event. The evening we had dreamed about while studying for exams, spending our evenings tipsily dancing to her songs (I like to rave it up) and fought about. (I was never quite sure if it was my birthday present or not…) Taylor Swift. My flat’s icon. My icon.


What can I say? It was Tay Tay. She is perfect. The evening was perfect.

She is such a fantastic story teller, giving us hints and advice and an insight into her most recent album, 1989.

We were immediately invited to be her friend. Fortunately, we fulfilled her requirements:

  1. We like her.
  2. We would want to spend time with her.

However, my friend pointed out that these standards were not very high. Hers were much higher, and we were reminded us that we were the lucky ones.

It was an incredible set, filled predominantly with songs from the most recent album. However, the audience were treated to an electronic version of my favourite (obvs) Love Story. 

As the sun set, Taylor rose glimmering over the crowd on an extended platform over the crowd.


The crowd exploded when Style came on; the crowd were treated to catwalk performances from Taylor’s high-flying crew, including Kendal Jenner, Serena Williams, and Cara Delevingne proudly promenading the British flag.

I think what makes Taylor so mesmerising – aside the catchy tunes – is her positivity and hope and her connection with the audience. She really cares about her fans and believes in them. Although a little unpalatable for cold-hearted Brits – we all believe in her; hopefully we will learn to believe in ourselves.



p.s. Sorry for the photos aren’t quite up to scratch!


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