It’s the perfect day (Part I)

‘It’s the perfect day/tomorrow’s gonna come too soon’ was my anthem of the day. Two Parades, a Picnic in the Park, and the picturesque Taylor Swift ensured that my day was enchanting. Yes, the legally blonde soundtrack wonderfully summed up this magical summer’s day.

Slowly navigating my way between tourists from Victoria – believing I was through the worst when I reached Buckingham Palace. My mistake. I totally forgot the frenzy of colour, music, pomp and cameras that constitutes the Horse Guard’s Parade ceremony. I finally met up with my friends, and, after finding a pigeon-free zone (a fairly difficult undertaking) we tucked into our strawberries and sandwiches while catching up with important life updates and gossip.



The predominant activity of my friendship group is drinking tea. Hence, we ‘accidentally’ strolled into Fortnum and Mason for a quick ice-cream and cup of tea. It was delightful dream-world, which I hope someday that I am affluent enough to enter properly. For now, ice-cream will have to do. P.s. I have decided that my future spouse has to have a name beginning with M. Then my life will be filled with ‘F & M’ personalised items (take note).



We then stumbled into another parade – PRIDE 2015. Equally colourful and loud as Horse Guards, yet very different in formality. Sneaking through the middle, we wove our way through the fanfare to Liberty’s, because Liberty’s. I had promised myself that I would visit on my next trip up to London, and this was the opportunity. I fell in love. The flowers. The prints. The fabrics. Actual love. It was a whizz around the shop, feasting my eyes on the colourful chintz and ditzy patterns, and I will be back. It’s a London institution that everyone should visit.



But this only brought us to mid afternoon. Later we shake it off.


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