Wimbledon 2015: Bring it on

Wimbledon is one of my favourite things. I love watching sports. I have grown up in an environment that is very passionate about sport. That is, sitting on the sofa, screaming at the TV, and accompanied by a stream of ‘you pillock’ or ‘what a peanut’. This is in despite of the very negative correlation with actually playing any sports.

Last year, I was incredibly lucky to visit Wimbledon on finals day.

It was so exciting!


The red hat behind me was part of the team Fed box.


Even more bizarrely, and unknowingly, I sat next to HUGH JACKMAN. It took us about half an hour to work out that fact, because we were so excited about the tennis. In our defence, however, Jackman had an odd beard as he was filming for Peter Pan at the time. We were seated almost adjacent to the royal box, where we could snatch glances at the royals and other hoi poli. My dad still jokes about how he thought it was strange that David Beckham kept turning and giving him glances. He was looking at Jackman.

We were able to snatch a quick selfie with him after the first set:


I can’t wait for this year. Wimbledon is so special, a spectacular British event. The nation come together in nervous anticipation, and heap way too much pressure on tennis fledglings who we hope, miraculously, will come through.

Good luck to Andy Murray, Laura Robson and all the other Brits in their campaigns this year. We will be screaming for you. In a non creepy way.


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